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Conditioner Bar

Conditioner Bar

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Conditioner Bar

Our Conditioner Bar is small but mighty! Some of the ingredients may be unfamiliar.  

Behentrimonium Chloride is our active conditioning and detangling ingredient made from canola.

Tucuma Butter is an antioxidant and nutrient rich butter that is amazing for hair. Extracted from the seeds of the tucuma palm, it's benefits for hair are numerous - anti frizz, detangling,  protecing against damage, softening and hydrating, to name a few. 

Brassica Glycerides,  also made from canola,  hold it all together and has its own conditioning and softening properties. Isopropranol is part of the brassica glycerides makeup. 

Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty acid often from coconut or palm, occasionally animal fats,  that is also great for hair.  It helps bring it all together and has conditioning,  hydrating and detangling properties of its own. 

I chose expeller expressed canola oil because it's light and is the first pressing before they use sulfited solvents. 

D-panthenol is a B vitamin. Hydrolized silk protein is just that and makes it all feel even more special.  

The preservative is the last 3. I use a bit of preservative because it will be exposed to water often enough to warrant it. 

Ingredients: brassica glycerides,  tucuma butter,  behentrimonium chloride,  cetearyl alcohol,  expeller expressed canola oil, isopropranol, hydrolized silk protein, D-panthenol, phenoxyethanol,  benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid. 

To use wash hair, then while hair is wet rub bar between palms until creamy and rub onto hair,  alternatively rub directly on hair. A little does go a long way,  it doesn't feel like it's doing much until you rinse. I like to add a little water and massage in then rinse. I also add a little bit back on for a leave in detangling conditioner.  

It varies on hair type and length,  but with my shoulder length, dry, baby fine, thin and very curly hair a bar lasts about 3 months or so with almost daily use. 

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